At Floor Coverings International Huntsville, we love to bring you creative insight and perspectives from some of web’s most influential bloggers. Our latest interview features Nashville-based DIY and mom blogger Scarlet Paolicchi of Family Focus Blog. You can follow Scarlet on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram.

scarlet paolicchi

Please tell us a little about yourself.

I went to Tulane University where I met my husband.  We live in Nashville, Tennessee with our two wonderful children.  I started my blog about six years ago- time flies when you are having fun!   I love delicious healthy food, family time, and green living.  I enjoy getting to see new places, do new things, and meet new people.

What’s one type of flooring you use in your children’s room and why?

I currently have carpet in both of my children’s rooms but I am upgrading to hardwood floors.  I feel like it will be a healthier choice especially for my son whose skin may be sensitive to dust.  I will probably also get some nice area rugs so they have a spot to play on the floor comfortably.

Why did you decide to start a blog? What do you enjoy about blogging?

I decided to start a blog because I was staying at home to raise my kids but I wanted my own outlet.  My friend had a blog and I thought, if she can do it, maybe I can too.  So I gave it my best effort and the more I blogged, the more I loved blogging.  It was so nice to have something that was mine and where I could express myself and meet other moms.  At school I was Leo’s mom or Sierra’s mom.  At my husband’s school, I am Daniel’s wife.  It felt great to have something that I was building that I could be proud of.

Where do you find most of your inspiration?

Everyday life.  There is always a new phase with growing kids and we are always up to new activities, going new places, trying new recipes and crafts.  Also the internet is ever changing and I am trying new social media and meeting new bloggers.

Can you explain a recent project you’ve been working on?

I have a lot of projects in my mind that I am not quite working on yet.  I’d say my next big home project will be our master bathroom.  While it has a lot of potential it will need a ton of work.  We will definitely be replacing the old carpet (we bought it that way!) with a nice tile and removing the old wallpaper.  We need to replace the old vinyl shower with a tiled shower and I’d love to update the lighting.  We have started on it yet because I’d love to be able to get it all done at once and have a whole new bathroom to enjoy!

scarlet paolicchi scarlet paolicchi scarlet paolicchi