Are you serious? It was 7 months to get my tile, and it was the wrong tile. Now I’ve been waiting three months to even get a date to start the hardwood floors. Since I am doing whole house flooring, Ive been renting another house for months with no idea when fly floors will ever be done. I was told I would be moved in by Thanksgiving, and spent the holidays living out of boxes.
John Dankanich
The description of the product on the suppliers end wasn't accurate. When the flooring was being laid it wasn't the color we anticipated and Flooring International had to make adjustments during the installation phase that delayed the project being finished in a timely fashion. Flooring International did everything possible to give us the finished product as quickly as possible. The outcome was exactly what we paid for and as a result we are completely satisfied with our beautiful floor. Communication between us and Flooring International helped us to understand the problem and was always good. I would recommend them based on the finished product.
Danny Dardin
Communication was terrible and the quality was only ok.
Louis & Rhonda Botella
The whole team is very professional and knowledgeable about their products and craft. Everyone I cam into contact could not have been nicer and very accommodating. The flooring was installed expertly and right on time. Clean up was perfect. This company will s run by wonderful people who are fair and honest. The prices are excellent. I would highly recommend this company to anyone for their flooring needs.
Lynne Daly
Timely manner, courteousness, fast installation, flexibility.
Yuri Ozaki
Our painter complained he had to re-paint the Foyer due to the hardwood installers scratching up the wall. Also the installers did not cover the bathroom floor and the oil from the bottom of their shoes where they had put it on the installed hardwood got tracked across the tile and has gotten in the grout, which has discolored the grout. We are trying to find a solution for the now discolored grout.
Mark and Diane Rovere
Everything associated with your organization was excellent. From my initial phone call, to Gale Davis's professional presentation, to Jimmy Gore's superior tile laying; our complete experience left nothing to be desired. I have already given several business cards to friends and acquaintances
Samuel Ellsworth
Multiple miscommunications and delays, and you've done all you can.
Jeremy Morgan
Your price is approx $1,000 higher than others so you need to do everything possible to ensure all product is available day 1 1st thing and there are no install delays because of misplaced product. All worked out and job got done but it took 4 full days when I was told approx 2 days possibly spread over 3 calendar days. I work and if I hadn't taken the time off of work it could have been a big problem. Instead I almost ran out of time to do the other things scheduled after floors installed and before I returned to work.
Tanya Aleman
Very detailed workmanship when they installed the flooring. They arrived on time and completed the project on time with very little waste. The finished flooring was beautiful beyond my expectations.
Vicki Jones