John & Lisa Lacik

Huntsville Owners John & Lisa Lacik

Over a decade ago, John Lacik built a house on a mountain in Huntsville. Then the former design engineer decided to turn his years of leadership experience into a successful Floor Coverings International business located right here in Madison County. Since 2014, John and his wife Lisa, have been providing unique, customized flooring choices to home & business owners all over the North Alabama area.

One of the primary reasons that John & Lisa chose a Floor Coverings International franchise was because of their famous “Mobile Showroom,” offering personalized at-home flooring solutions.

“When I found out that Floor Coverings International’s primary brand differentiator was a mobile concept that brings the flooring store directly to the client, my interest was piqued,” says John. “I also realized that the experience I had building our house could be helpful in the business. Most folks that know me would probably be shocked that I went from a high-tech nerd to the flooring world.  However, there is actually a lot of technology involved in the flooring business today when it is done right and educating clients on the newest types of flooring is one of my strengths.”

Another difference at the top of John and Lisa’s list when looking for a business was Floor Coverings International’s #1 priority – the client experience.  “John and I both worked in large corporate environments where shareholders were more important than clients.  We both said that if we ever had the opportunity to have a business of our own, the client service and experience would be second to none,” according to Lisa.  “We hand pick our installers and they must meet stringent requirements at all times.  We also offer a two-year installation warranty, the best in the business, to assure our clients we are with them long after the sale.”

The technology that excites John most, he says, is the stain, scratch and waterproof flooring solutions which stand to benefit homeowner and environment alike. “Most homeowners don’t realize the positive impact contemporary flooring can have on their pocketbooks,” John notes. “But maintenance-friendly flooring options like stain-proof carpeting, and scratch and waterproof resilient flooring not only look great, but also makes clean-up a breeze compared to other, even more expensive options.”

With Floor Coverings International’s “Mobile Showroom”, the company will bring thousands of flooring products to a client’s home and create solutions customized to their home’s layout, their tastes, budget, and energy considerations.

From flooring options tailored to high-moisture areas of a home like a basement, to heated tiled flooring in bathrooms, the options we afford customers are almost limitless,” John adds. “Now I have a job that feels less like work, and more like a chance to follow my lifelong dream of being a successful small business owner.”

If you’re looking for a new flooring solution for your home or business, click here to contact John & his Floor Coverings International team and book your Free In-Home Consultation today!