Black and Brown Furniture - © Iriana Shiyan

You’ve installed beautiful new carpeting, your hardwood flooring is shinning, and your natural stone in the bathroom is pristine! Once you get new flooring in your home, it’s essential you take care of it properly and protect it! Following these few tips from Floor Coverings International of Huntsville will help you protect your flooring so that is looks great for years to come.

Use Floor Protectors with Furniture

This is a quick one that will save your carpeting or new hardwood floors. If you have a couch, a desk chair, an ottoman, or any other piece or furniture that could potentially move around, make sure there is a protector between the furniture and the flooring. Hardwood flooring can be easily scratched by the leg of a couch, and carpeting can get deep impressions from the weight of large pieces of furniture. It’s best to always have a barrier, so that your flooring won’t be damaged.

Adopt A No-Shoes Policy

Sometimes it seems like a hassle to remove your shoes every time you come and go, but making this a house-wide rule works wonders for your flooring. Carpeting will have fewer allergens, hardwood flooring won’t be scraped by small pebbles or debris, and wear patterns will not show up as soon or as drastically. So, create a comfortable place in your entryway for visitors to remove their shoes. Your floors will look cleaner and last longer!

Groom Your Pets

No one wants to have a house that smells like their pets. The best way to avoid this is to properly care for your pets. Get their nails trimmed, brush them regularly, and teach them to stay away from certain areas of your home if they are not allowed there. Taking these few simple steps you’ll have less pet hair on the floor and on your furniture, and you’ll have fewer allergens building up in your new flooring!

Stay On Top of Maintenance

Each type of flooring requires a different kind of care. Carpeting should be steam cleaned once a year, with tile flooring you may need new grout or to replace chipped or broken tiles. With hardwood flooring you will need to sand and refinish your hardwood flooring after years have gone by. No matter what kind of flooring you have, making sure you keep it clean and maintained will go a long ways.

Time for some new flooring? If your flooring is old and worn out call Floor Coverings International of Huntsville today! We can get you the flooring you want for every area of your home. Call now to book a free consultation!

Photo Credit: Iriana Shiyan