Decorating a home is important for homeowners in the Huntsville and Madison County areas as they look to keep up with the latest trends. While it’s certainly not necessary to incorporate all the latest trends in your home, it’s a good idea to know what those trends are. You might decide that a specific trend is exactly what you have been searching for – and you can be the trendsetter in your neighborhood. Our experts at Floor Coverings International Huntsville offer their top three flooring trends for Huntsville and Madison County residents for 2017.

gray hardwood flooring huntsville

Hardwood Stains

Hardwood flooring continues to be a popular flooring choice in 2017. What’s now becoming a trend are various colors, including ultra dark, ultra gray, and ultra blonde. Homeowners are opting for floors that are outside of the traditional wood colors and being able to blend the floors into their modern surroundings more effectively.

The darker the hardwood floors, the easier it will be to see dirt and scratches. This is why many people are actually choosing to go a little lighter than they would otherwise choose. Dark walnut hardwood, as a result, is becoming very popular.

Lower Gloss Finishes

Over the past several years, it seemed as though floors were becoming very glossy. However, you will notice that a natural or low gloss finish is now being seen more often. Low gloss flooring offers a crisp, clean look and helps to eliminate the yellow/gold color that often appears on lighter wood floors when there is too much gloss applied.

Wider Planks

When it comes to the hardwood layout, the planks are becoming wider. This means that there are fewer planks to be laid down across the floor. A space in your home actually tends to look larger when there are wider planks. Up until about the year 2000, the hardwood strips were generally around 2 ¼” wide. Now, it’s not uncommon to find the planks measuring as wide as 3 ¼” on average and some that are even as wide as 7”. If you plan on going with the wider planks, you might want to consider engineered or laminate flooring because solid hardwood could be more expensive. Should you wish to create a rustic look, it’s also possible to use multiple widths on your hardwood floor.

Understanding the trends makes it easier to pick and choose what you want to incorporate. It allows you to get a modern look while making your house a home.

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Photo Credit: Artazum