Dogs may be man’s best friend, but they’re certainly not friendly to your flooring. Their paws scratch your beloved wood surfaces and they love to track mud on your beige carpet. The wrong floor can also be a safety hazard, as your pet may slip or skid over slick surfaces.

Believe it or not, it’s possible to enjoy Fido’s company while still maintaining a beautiful home. The following three flooring options provide you the best of both worlds in Huntsville and Madison County.

huntsville dog linoleum floor


Affordable and scratch-resistant, vinyl is a great option for pet lovers. Today’s flooring technology is so sophisticated, you can install flooring that looks similar to hardwood — and avoid the maintenance nightmare of hardwood floors and pet ownership. Although vinyl is similar to laminate in many respects, it’s the better choice for pet owners, as it offers improved traction and is less likely to make dogs slip.


Linoleum is more expensive than vinyl, but it’s also more durable. Linoleum offers plenty of traction for pets, plus an attractive look that works well in nearly every room of your home. The top layer easily wards off dirt and debris, which are a constant when you share your home with a dog. Notoriously durable, your linoleum floor could last for several decades, and therefore is a wonderful option if you and your pet intend to remain in the same home for a long time.


An eco-friendly option that promotes exceptional comfort for dogs and humans alike, cork is a great alternative if you’re not a fan of vinyl or linoleum. It is a bit more prone to damage than the options outlined above, but still resistant to much of the wear and tear created by four-legged friends. Furthermore, it’s more comfortable than other pet-friendly flooring solutions. Sound resistant, it muffle the noise of your dog’s nails when you need peace and quiet.

No matter which type of flooring you select, you can expect it to take a beating from your pet. If you choose carefully and invest in proper maintenance, however, you can enjoy years of beautiful flooring and years of your pooch’s wonderful company.

Don’t hesitate to call our flooring experts at  Floor Coverings International Huntsville for a free in-home estimate. We’ll even bring your dog a treat!

Photo Credit: Strannik_fox