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Area rugs can add both comfort and style to any home in the Madison, Huntsville, and all of Madison County area. But with so many styles and materials out there, choosing the right rug for your home can be a daunting task. Here at Floor Coverings International Huntsville, we offer a range of area rug styles and plenty of expert advice to help you choose the right rug for your space.


The Perks of An Area Rug


Area rugs offer a range of benefits to living rooms, bedrooms and entryways alike. Here are some of our favorites:

Protection: If your flooring is prone to surface scratches or other types of wear, a rug can help protect it from damage. This is especially handy in high-traffic areas like hallways and living rooms. We often recommend rugs to cover up older hardwood floors and more fragile types of stone tile.

Space Defining: Large, open floor plans are becoming more and more popular in modern homes. These spaces can be tough to decorate and arrange. A large area rug helps to define where the living room or sitting area ends and the dining room or kitchen begins.

Style: An area rug offers a great stylistic opportunity. With the right colors or pattern, you can really bring a room’s style together.

Comfort: Walking on a cold, hard floor is never pleasant when you’ve just gotten out of bed! A plush area rug in the bedroom can soften up the space and offer comfort to your feet on cold winter mornings.


How to Choose the Right Rug


When it’s time to choose your area rug, there are a few key things that you should consider:

Size: We don’t just mean the size of the rug. How big is the room in question? What about the furniture you want it to be around? Make sure that the rug isn’t too small for your space.

Location: If the rug is for a living room, it’s best that it is centered amongst your furniture. The rug can either be surrounded by the furniture or can extend underneath the front legs of each piece of furniture. Whatever you choose, be consistent, and be sure to leave some of your floor showing around the edges!

Design: What kind of décor is already in the room? Do you have lots of printed pillows and art? Or is everything fairly simple and minimalist? Be sure to choose a rug that works with your existing space.


Here at Floor Coverings International Huntsville, we offer a range of styles including oriental, designer, modern and natural fiber rugs. Contact us today to learn more about our area rugs in the Madison, Huntsville, and all of Madison County area!


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