Basements in the Madison, Huntsville, and all of Madison County area come in many shapes and sizes. They do however share one thing in common: they are all at the bottom of a building, and usually partially underground. This presents some unique design challenges, especially for flooring. Here at Floor Coverings International Huntsville we offer a variety of basement flooring options for you to choose from.

Basement Flooring Tips


Why Waterproof Flooring

basement flooring

Most basements have a higher level of moisture than other areas in a home. This can cause some types of floors to warp, and others to accumulate mold or mildew over time. Basements are also the first place to see damage during a flood or other type of leak inside your home. For these reasons, we recommend opting for a waterproof or water-resistant flooring system. It will save you time and stress down the road if water enters your basement.


The Benefits of Light Colors

Basements often have low ceilings and small windows. If you use your basement for entertaining, or spend a lot of time in it yourself, this darkness can present a design challenge. We recommend sticking with a light colored floor that has a simple design. These sorts of floors can really help to open up a smaller space and keep it from feeling too cramped.


Flooring for Your Basement


We offer a wide range of flooring styles at Floor Coverings International Huntsville. For basements, our favorite styles to recommend include:


Stone tile: You can choose from a range of natural options like slate, travertine and ceramic. They are all virtually waterproof.

Luxury vinyl: Newer vinyl floors are waterproof, and warmer than stone. They can mimic stone, hardwood and more.

Engineered hardwood: The thin layers that make up each plank of engineered hardwood are better at dealing with the higher moisture levels of basements than solid hardwood floors.

Laminate: A durable top wear layer helps to stop water from damaging laminate flooring.

Carpet: People often choose carpet for basements thanks to the warmth it provides. Be sure to choose a low pile option that’s better at resisting water than plush carpets.


Contact us today to learn more about basement flooring. We offer free consultations to the greater Madison, Huntsville, and all of Madison County area.


Photo Credit: Iriana Shiyan