Berber Carpet Huntsville

Durable and comfortable, Berber carpet is a smart option for both residential and commercial spaces in the Madison, Huntsville, and all of Madison County area. Though Berber is a very popular option for our customers at Floor Coverings International Huntsville, often people don’t know the details about this great flooring option. Our experts are here to shed some light on Berber!

Berber History

Named for the African tribe that first invented its durable weave, Berber carpet has a long history. The Berber tribe created carpets, rugs, and even cloaks, using the Berber method. Many people think that Berber refers to a certain material or color, but it actually refers to a type of weave in which each fiber is affixed on both ends to a secure backing. This design creates a looped fiber construction that is extremely durable.

Benefits of Berber

Fray Resistant – The looped design on Berber carpets helps to resist fraying from large amounts of foot traffic or other use. This makes them a great option for high traffic areas.

Traction – Another benefit of the looped Berber design is added traction. Some plush carpets can be a bit slippery underfoot. If you are thinking of installing carpet on your staircase, Berber could be the perfect choice.

Stain Resistant – Tightly looped fibers do a good job of keeping liquids from quickly being absorbed. If a spill occurs and you clean it up quickly, it won’t be as damaging on Berber as on a cut pile carpet. Be sure that when you clean the stain you blot at it rather than scrub – scrubbing helps to push a stain further into the fibers.

One thing to keep in mind about Berber carpets if that if you have a cat, it might not be the smartest option. Occasionally a loop on a Berber carpet will snag, causing it to unravel. Cat’s claws are one of the most common culprits with this type of damage.

Free Consultations

Our team at Floor Coverings International Huntsville can help you to determine if Berber is right for your space. We offer a variety of styles in different materials and colors. Contact us today to schedule a free in-person consultation and estimate!

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