Residents in Huntsville and Madison County have a huge assortment of carpets to choose from. Our flooring experts Floor Coverings International Huntsville have extensive experience helping select the right carpet for our clients. Here’s a quick intro to some carpet basics.

carpet options

Carpet is typically composed of an upper level of pile joined to a backing. Common materials for carpet piles include nylon, polyester, olefin, polypropylene, PTT (triexta polyester), and wool. Nylon is our most popular carpet fiber with its huge variety of style and color options as well as its durability. For more questions about carpet fiber, our experts at Floor Coverings International Huntsville are waiting to field your call

Carpet typically comes in two types: cut pile and loop pile. Cut pile carpets are cut at the ends, producing a straight fiber. These have traditionally been more popular in homes. Loop piles are not cut at the ends and have better durability. Many years ago, loop piles were most frequently seen in commercial spaces. However, they have now had increased popularity in homes.

Cut pile carpets come in many types, including plush, Saxony, textured, and frieze. Common loop pile carpets are level loop (or Berber), textured loop, and multilevel loop.

Many homeowners will use carpet in certain rooms as a complement to hard surfaces in the rest of their home. Carpet is a great way to add variety and comfort and can be less expensive than other flooring options.

Positive features of carpet include comfort, warmth, safety, and ease of cleaning. One drawback to carpet is that it can show stains more than other flooring surfaces. Carpet can also be difficult to clean if you have pets, especially dogs that shed.

We know you’re just getting started on your search for the perfect carpet. That’s why our experts at Floor Coverings International Huntsville are ready to give you a free in-home estimate from our mobile showroom. We serve Huntsville and Madison County and are available seven days a week.

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