Once upon a time, carpet flooring was frowned upon just as much as indoor ferns, zany wallpaper, and pastel colors.

But unlike those other things, carpet flooring has come back in style. More homeowners in the Huntsville and Madison County areas are realizing that carpet flooring has many benefits not quite equaled by other types of flooring.

Style and Appearance

Take a look at the trendy carpet styles below. It’s hard to believe, but carpet flooring has come a long way since the shag days of the 1970s.  This kid is loving life!

huntsville carpet

As you can see, homeowners use carpet flooring to add to their stylish interior, not detract from it. Need some creative carpet ideas? Just give our experts at Floor Coverings International Huntsville a call at the number below. We’ll be glad to give you a free in-home design consultation.

Comfort and Coziness

There really isn’t a more comfortable flooring surface than carpet flooring. If you wince every time your bare foot touches a cold tile floor, carpet can warm up your home and warm up your life. Carpet’s unmatched softness makes getting out of bed in the morning as easy as a fresh cup of coffee.

huntsville carpet flooring

Safety for Children and Adults

If you have a little one who’s just learning to walk, you may shudder in fear each time your child crashes down on a hard floor. With carpets, those trips will lead to a padded fall, meaning fewer tears and less stress in your life.

huntsville baby carpet

Heat and Noise Insulation

Did you know that carpet owners can save money on heat and air conditioning bills? That’s because carpet flooring adds an extra element of insulation, containing that hot or cold air in a room for a longer period of time. Carpet can also be an effective noise insulator. Hardwood homeowners with surround sound know all too well – when you start watching Game of Thrones on your living room TV, the sound tends to bounce around the room. That won’t happen with a Huntsville and Madison County carpet floor.

Inspired by some of these carpet flooring ideas? Don’t hesitate to call the number below to schedule a free in-home estimate. We proudly service residents of the Huntsville and Madison County areas.

Photo Credits: Breeze MediaAfrica Studiogoodluz