With so many flooring options and so little time, many homeowners in the Huntsville and Madison County areas can be overwhelmed by their search for the perfect flooring. To help you jump-start your search, our flooring experts at Floor Coverings International Huntsville have compiled a preliminary list of some of our most commonly asked-about flooring options.

dark hardwood

Wood Flooring Options

Homeowners have more wood flooring options today than they’ve ever had before. Hardwood floors used to be reserved for the elite. Now, they’re used in all types of homes across the world. Many homeowners in the Huntsville and Madison County areas have rustic farmhouse interiors. We’ve found that these homeowners often install distressed hardwood flooring, unfinished hardwood flooring, or hand scraped hardwood flooring. Dark hardwoods and black hardwoods are also very popular and can beautifully complement light colored cabinets and furniture.

Kitchen Flooring Options

Kitchen flooring options usually center on two features: beauty and practicality. A kitchen is a high traffic area of the home, meaning it will be seen and walked-on frequently. Because of this, we recommend tile or laminate floors for your kitchen. Tile has the lowest water-absorption rate of any type of flooring and is highly durable. Tile also comes in a huge variety of materials and colors, which is a big appeal to creative homeowners. Speaking of durability and beauty, laminate flooring is practically indestructible and its versatile design layer can mimic nearly any other flooring surface type.

Basement Flooring Options

Basements often contain recreation rooms and storage areas. Because of their out-of-site nature, many homeowners opt for less expensive flooring for their basements. That’s why vinyl can be a great choice for basements due to its low price tag. Vinyl flooring is also part of the resilient flooring category, making it a great choice for children’s playrooms. Other basement flooring options to consider are carpet and laminate.

We know you probably have several more flooring questions. Don’t hesitate to call the phone number below to speak to one of our flooring experts at Floor Coverings International Huntsville. We proudly serve the Huntsville and Madison County areas!

Photo Credit: Pavel Shynkarou