Homeowners in the Huntsville and Madison County areas are in love with hardwood flooring—and for good reason.   It’s easily one of today’s most popular flooring options. Our experts at Floor Coverings International Huntsville have outlined some of the best benefits of hardwood floors.

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Hardwood Flooring is Beautiful.

There’s no doubt that hardwood flooring is one of the most beautiful flooring surfaces you can choose for your home. Hardwood floors can add an element of warmth to any room while also matching virtually any style of décor. Own light colored furniture or cabinets? A dark hardwood or black hardwood floor can complement wonderfully. Have a rustic interior? You might think about installing hand scraped hardwood, distressed hardwood, or antique hardwood flooring. Common hardwood species include birch, ash, pine, and teak hardwood.

Hardwood Flooring Will Add Value to Your Home.

Most real estate agents will tell you that hardwood flooring will instantly increase the value of your home. That’s because hardwood floors never go out of style and are highly desired by homeowners in the Madison, Huntsville, and all of Madison County areas. Homes with hardwood floors are also proven to sell faster.

Hardwood Flooring is Long-Lasting and Durable.

Ever notice an old turn-of-the-century home with the original hardwood floors intact? That’s because hardwood flooring can last several decades and even centuries if properly maintained. A good sanding and refinishing can make an old hardwood floor look like new. Hardwood can also be very strong depending on the species. Refer to the Janka hardness test for detailed harness ratings.

Hardwood Flooring is Easy to Clean.

Hardwood flooring can save you tons of time in weekly upkeep. Pet hairs and food crumbs can simply be swept. Light colored hardwood floors are typically easier to keep clean than dark hardwood. You should note that any spills on hardwood should be wiped up immediately to avoid potential moisture damage.

These are just a few of our favorite benefits of hardwood flooring. Don’t hesitate to call the number below. Our experts at Floor Coverings International Huntsville are on hand to answer your questions. We also offer free in-home estimates to residents of the Huntsville and Madison County areas.

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