Marble floors are one of the most luxurious flooring options available to homeowners in the Huntsville and Madison County areas.  That’s why many homeowners love to have marble floors in their entryways.  As soon as your guests open your front door, marble flooring provides that “wow factor.”  Our flooring experts at Floor Coverings International Huntsville take a closer look at some common marble flooring questions below.

huntsville marble floor entryway

What’s the History Behind Marble Floors?

If marble was good enough for the Ancient Greeks and their venerable structures, it’s certainly good enough for Huntsville and Madison County homeowners with luxury on the mind.  The word marble actually originates from the Greek language, meaning “a snow white and spotless stone.” Marble was formed several hundred million years ago from the recrystallization of limestone. It is found all over the world where it is quarried and shipped to mills where it is processed and cut into the flooring tiles we use today.

Why Should I Use Marble Flooring For My Entryway?

We’ve found that a home’s entryway is usually sparsely used but frequently seen.  That’s why many homeowners choose to have some of their most beautiful decor in the entryway or foyer.  Marble flooring is perfect option for entryways because of its magnificent beauty and high durability for all the foot traffic entering your home.  Keep in mind that marble floors are not only popular for entryways, but also in bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and more.

How Does Marble Floor Installation Work?

Due to the complex nature of marble floor tile installation, we suggest you leave the installation to our experts at Floor Coverings International Huntsville. Marble tile is vulnerable to staining because of its porous surface. That’s why we recommend you allow our flooring experts to strategically execute the installation process while you watch from the sideline.   This part is important: we can put an important sealer below, on top, and in between your new marble tile flooring to help minimize the risk of staining.

Marble floors are one of the most popular luxury flooring options for entryways in the Huntsville and Madison County areas. If you have marble on the mind, don’t hesitate to call the number below to schedule a free-in home consultation.

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