Luxury vinyl tile is a popular option in the Huntsville and Madison County area thanks to its durability and impressive imitation of more expensive flooring options. At Floor Coverings International of Huntsville, we offer a wide selection of luxury vinyl tiles and expert installation services.

Durable Construction

Luxury vinyl tile, LVT for short, features a construction that’s very similar to traditional vinyl tile. The main differences are in thickness and top coating. LVT is designed with a much thicker base or mid layer that helps to increase the tile’s life span. A thick top coating also protects against gouges and scratches that can occur over time. These added elements make LVT a great option for high-traffic areas like the entryway or kitchen.


As we mentioned, the primary benefits of LVT are its affordability and durability. But LVT is also very easy to clean and install. Installation shouldn’t take more than a day, and you won’t have to wait for sealants or finishes to dry. LVT’s cleaning needs are simple: it should be swept regularly and mopped periodically with a mild cleaner. Anyone can keep up with that!


Though LVT is very easy to clean, it is important that you take the time to care for it. This is because, though LVT is durable, if too much dirt particles or other debris gets stuck in between the tiles some damage can occur. Like most tile, LVT can become slippery when wet. It’s best to make use of a mat in the entryway, and to choose a different kind of flooring for the stairs to be safe.


At Floor Coverings International in Huntsville, we offer LVT from a range of trusted brands. Some of the most popular styles include tiles that imitate hardwood like cherry, oak and maple, along with those that look like travertine, stone, and marble tile. We partner with industry-leading manufacturers like Armstrong, Mannington & Shaw to bring you competitive prices on a wide range of quality flooring.

Call Floor Coverings International of Huntsville today to schedule your free in-home consultation! Our design associates are happy to help you choose the perfect luxury vinyl tile for your home.