There are few things more striking in a Huntsville home than a beautiful hardwood floor. However, for many homeowners, wood vinyl flooring can actually be a better choice than the real thing, especially when it comes to spaces like recreation rooms. Our experts at Floor Coverings International Huntsville take a closer look at this amazing flooring option for residents of the Huntsville and Madison County areas.

wood vinyl flooring

What is Wood Vinyl Flooring?

Wood vinyl flooring is the same as other vinyl flooring with one key difference: it has a wood image printed on the design layer.  Amazing high definition printing technology allows our customers to have their dream hardwood floor come to life for a fraction of the price. This can be especially great for a recreation room where some of our clients like to get a little more creative with their hardwood prints.  If you like dark hardwood, distressed hardwood, acacia hardwood, mahogany hardwood, and many more, you’ll love the variety that comes with wood vinyl flooring.

What is Vinyl Flooring Made From?

While it’s certainly the eye-catcher, the design layer is actually just one of the many layers that make up vinyl flooring. Its complex composition is made of multiple layers with varying thicknesses that are fused together. These layers are made of the following materials: polyvinyl chloride (PVC) chips, fiberglass, foam gel, and urethane.

How is Wood Vinyl Flooring Cut?

Vinyl flooring is most traditionally installed as sheet vinyl or square vinyl tiles. However, our experts at Floor Coverings International Huntsville specialize in installing wood vinyl planks. The plank shape is recommended because it most resembles real hardwood planks. Take a look at the picture above. How great would that floor look in your recreation room?

Why Should You Choose Wood Vinyl Flooring?

Wood vinyl flooring is a perfect choice for homeowners who have large recreation rooms and an eye on their wallets. Vinyl flooring is significantly less expensive than solid hardwood flooring. If you have kids who like to roughhouse, wood vinyl flooring is also resistant to water, scratching, and scuffing, making it a great option for recreation rooms. Finally, wood vinyl is part of the resilient flooring category, meaning it has an extra comfortable “bounce” feature.

Just getting started with your search for the perfect wood vinyl floor? Be sure to give our experts at Floor Coverings International Huntsville a call at the number below. We’d love to help you out. Call today and get a free in-home estimate and design consultation!